The Ministry of Finance is one of seven portfolios found in the British Virgin Islands Public Service. The principal function is the administration and management of the Territory’s economy. The Ministry strives to accomplish its mandate utilizing the following units; Administration, Budget, International Tax Authority, Macro Fiscal and the Procurement and Project Support Services Unit. The objectives are as follows:

  1. Serve as the Government’s focal point of policy, operations and coordination of all financial matters;
  2. Manage the Territory’s public debt;
  3. Ensure that all tax liabilities are fully and expeditiously discharged;
  4. Ensure that all revenue received and expenditure incurred are properly accounted for and reported;
  5. Ensure that a global system of postal communications operates in the Territory;
  6. Ensure that the estimates of revenue and expenditure are prepared annually;
  7. Regulate Treasury systems and supervises Treasury administration;
  8. Provide information technology support for Government;
  9. Manage all cross border tax matters and the tax information exchange regime.



  • “To provide economic stability through Leadership, Integrity and Service.” 



  • To provide strategic, economic and fiscal leadership that promotes the sustainable economic development of the Virgin Islands.


Core Values

The Core values of the Ministry are to govern the operations it conducts and its relationships with society at large including customers, employees, public service, and other stakeholders. The corporate values governing the Ministry of Finance's development also include the following key result areas:

  1. Efficient financial management and public accountability
  2. Sustainable economic growth
  3. Cost-effective delivery of services


Ministry of Finance

Ministry Subjects

The Minister of Finance's subjects include: Accountancy, Banking (including the National Bank of the Virgin Islands), Budget Estimates, Companies, Currency, Customs, Finance and Fiscal Policy, Financial Services, Information Technology, Insurance, Internal Audit, Licences and Fees, Postal and Philatelic Services, Revenue, Taxation, Taxes and Tenders and Trusts.


BVI Post

Her Majesty’s Customs

Information Technology

Inland Revenue


Internal Audit

Statutory Boards

Financial Services Commission

International Tax Authority

Other Boards/Associated Agencies

Board of Referees

Stamp Advisory Committee

National Bank of the Virgin Islands Ltd.